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In the past the majority of domestic enterprises silicon dioxide means small scale, low degree of automation, product quality and less stable, so the domestic tire enterprises mainly adopt two foreign products. In recent years, the country has more than 10 white carbon black production capacity of over 10,000 tons, nearly 20 tons of large sets of equipment put into operation, its product quality have reached a good level, so the tire companies have been adopted . Since 2003, the National Quality Inspection Center for Carbon Black 13 silica product quality of the census results, according to the chemical industry standard examination are qualified products, which more than 11 samples of surface area 140 ~ 190m2 / g.

Currently, the growth in demand of silicon dioxide in the rubber industry, toothpaste industry, paint industry and new energy and other fields. Among them, the rubber industry is the main consumer areas of white carbon black, white carbon black consumption which accounts for over 70% of white carbon consumption. From the development of the market situation, future prospects for the development of a wider silica. Very rapid development of automobile industry, tire industry is also fast developing rapidly. In recent years, countries around the world are encouraging the development of environmentally friendly green tire, silica rapid growth in demand, which gives silica-related manufacturers to provide a broad market space for development. 

In recent years, large foreign white carbon black production enterprises have already invested in domestic factories. By 2014, Asia will become the largest market for highly dispersed silicon dioxide, the demand growth will be much higher than the global average growth rate of 9%, 15% or higher. China accounted for 40% of the Asian market, will become the world's largest single market. Our country now has the world's second-largest car market. It is so much vehicle fleet, no doubt, China has become the world's tire manufacturing country, the annual output of 420 million units, accounting for one third of global tire production. Surface data, by 2015, China's tire production will increase to 5.7 million units. Therefore, the construction of the project has broad market prospects and good economic returns.



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