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According to the survey: In the tread rubber all steel radial truck tire, generally equipped with 12 to 15 parts of silicon dioxide; tread rubber semi-steel radial tires or light truck tires, in addition to some foreign tire companies in high production, when using the mid-range cars Original tires, in general, not silica; tread rubber portion of bias truck tire, start with 5 to 12 parts of white carbon black. Studies have shown that, in truck tire tread and carcass equipped with 6 to 12 parts of white carbon, to make the best overall performance of the tire; some enterprises in the engineering tire tread equipped with 7 parts white carbon black. In the cut-resistant tire tread is equipped with 35 parts of silica.

The main application is currently the silicon dioxide in the tread compound to improve the resistance to cut and puncture performance tread, yet to reduce rolling resistance in a dominant position. But with the rapid development of automobile production and ownership, as well as the rise in oil consumption and an increase in oil prices, in particular, the country has begun to vigorously promote energy and resource conservation, to reduce tire rolling resistance, reducing fuel consumption demand will also increases. On the other hand, the tire export volume of China reached 30% of tire production, where nearly 30 percent of exports to Europe and North America, the market for "green" tires have a greater demand. Of silica to be relatively low price, so the tire silica demand will also increase rapidly.

Domestic tire companies of silicon dioxide quality requirements, mainly reinforcing better performance, product quality should be stable, also requires good dispersion. However, due to the formulation proportion of the amount is not large, so the demand for highly dispersible silica is not yet urgent. In developing the "green" tire trend, the demand for highly dispersible silica will rapidly increase.



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