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Relying on the industrial basis Ssangyong Tonghua Chemical Corporation of silicon dioxide, and other tire manufacturers and raw materials suppliers through the Economic Cooperation Bureau investment platform, with well-known tire building a "green tire" production line to build the province is well-known tire brand development goals program.

Silicon dioxide is an important reinforcement of the rubber industry raw material, also used in pesticides, feed, toothpaste and paint industries. As human society on environmental and energy requirements of increasingly stringent, prompting capable of reducing rolling resistance, radial tires save fuel and lower the rolling resistance of the "green tire" of the demand for rapid development. Therefore, the silica in the tire industry consumption and product varieties are also growing rapidly.

In the tire industry, mainly used in the past silicon dioxide belt radial tires, steel and rubber to enhance adhesion. Some tire companies for radial truck tire tread, the tread in order to improve anti-puncture resistance and chunking resistance, less an amount, usually 10 to 15 parts. Over the last decade, due to the European and North American environmental and energy requirements of increasingly stringent, the white carbon black for tire tread, can significantly reduce tire rolling resistance, while maintaining good anti-slip and anti-slippery ice resistance, the wear is only slightly reduced. In 1992, Michelin launched the first all-white carbon black reinforced "green tires' rolling resistance than - as the tire is reduced by about 30%, fuel economy and reduce vehicle exhaust effect is remarkable. Furthermore silica is also used for winter tires and high performance tires tread. However, in other countries, the price is equivalent to 140% of white carbon black, coupled by the addition of a coupling agent and rubber processing to increase the cost of a significant increase in the cost of tires, but alone is not good antistatic properties of silica tires . Therefore, it is in the production of low rolling resistance tires, the use of carbon black and silica with the formula to get the best performance / cost effectiveness.



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