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One study found that a kind of Silicon Dioxide heat radiator be able to launch into space, while maintaining the solar transparent. Because of the cold universe represents a huge heat sink, the heat emitted into space could become a land object of effective radiation cooling method. However, some objects such as solar panels and other needs at the same time unnecessary heat radiation continuous absorption of solar energy.

Shanhui Fan and his colleagues constructed a Silicon Dioxide photonic crystal by etching 10 microns deep holes in the silica flakes 500 microns thick, it acts like a blackbody radiator heat transparent in the visible range. Temperature and solar radiation absorber bare compared to when such silica photonic crystal when placed between the sun and absorb solar radiation, it reduces the absorption of up to 13 degrees Celsius is reached. The Silicon Dioxide sunlight absorbed by the photonic crystal radiator preserved, and in some cases also slightly increased. This wavelength range between the radiator 8 microns to 13 microns the energy emitted, the wavelength range constitutes a window in the window, the atmosphere in the infrared energy is transparent and allows the energy radiated into space .

According to the authors, the study of this kind Silicon Dioxide heat radiator suggest that, at the same time to save the sunlight absorbed during the day and into the space of the heat radiation can reduce heating surface, and the like such as forced convection air flow cooling method may further enhance cooling.



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