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State Intellectual Property Office January 20, 2016 published in Germany Evonik Degussa Co. patent application "of pelleted seed", the invention relates to seed coating technology patent, Silicon Dioxide as pelleted seed component coating layer enhances seed germination capacity.

Pelleted seeds containing coating layer is coated seeds, the method comprising the steps of: providing seeds; applying an adhesive to the kernel to obtain adhesive-coated seeds; and applying a coating composition comprising silica to the adhesive coated seeds, coated seeds obtained coating layer, and distributed throughout the silica coating layer. Silicon Dioxide is added to the coating composition to be applied in an amount such that the coating layer comprises 10-70% by weight of silica. The method is particularly adapted to have a size of about 0.3-10mm of pelleted seeds. (Chilean Agricultural 361- knowledge cloud library)

Detailed description of a preferred embodiment of another inventive:

The inventive process herein is directed towards anisotropically etching a multilayer structure comprising a silicon dioxide outer layer on an underlying silicon nitride stop layer. Referring now to FIG. 1, a schematic representation of a multilayer structure, which is formed by conventional deposition techniques, is depicted. The multilayer structure of FIG. 1, generally designated as "10", is shown prior to conducting the subject etching operations. The multilayer structure 10 comprises a plurality of structural layers which are sequentially deposited onto an underlying silicon structure 18. Multilayer structure 10 comprises a plurality of structural layers including an outer layer 14 having a major outer surface 14a. Structural layer 14 is fabricated of Silicon Dioxide. Basically, SiO2 (oxide) can be described as being either undoped or doped glass. In the semiconductor industry, the term oxide is generally used instead of glass. Generally an undoped oxide is either a field oxide or gate oxide which is usually grown in a furnace. Doped oxide include BPSG, PSG, etc. which are generally deposited on the silicon wafer with a dopant gas(es) during a deposition process.



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