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Study reported that the automotive industry demand for environment-friendly alternatives is growing, one of the main drivers of precipitated Silicon Dioxide market. Expected in the near future, the industry will boost the development of toothpaste precipitated silica market. Worldwide, pollution continues to increase and the consequent deterioration of air quality in some areas has prompted more stringent emission standards. In the United States, Canada and European Union countries, such standards or requirements very strict. Carbon dioxide emissions are a key factor in these areas of the automotive market. To this end, the automotive industry has been looking for alternatives to help reduce green car production of carbon dioxide emissions. Industry experts expect the tire tread adding precipitated silica, it will only reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 45 million tons per year in the United States.

Precipitated Silicon Dioxide is also used as toothpaste thickener. Over the past few years, people's awareness of oral health deepening promoted growth toothpaste market. This trend is expected to continue in 2015 - 2023 forecast period, so that the toothpaste market has become one of precipitated silica market, the main promoter.

Rubber is precipitated silica main application areas in 2014 accounted for nearly two-thirds of the global market share. In the rubber precipitated Silicon Dioxide market, the tire industry and the footwear industry accounted for the majority share. Expected in the next eight years, the application will continue to dominate the rubber precipitated silica market. 2014 Personal Care precipitated silica is the second largest application market segments. The field in the forecast period is expected to continue to maintain its dominant position.

Asia Pacific dominated the world market precipitated Silicon Dioxide, in 2014, accounting for nearly half of the global market. 2015 ~ 2023 will continue this trend. As India and China and other emerging economies, some end applications industry growth, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the next few years the fastest growing market.



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