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However, the supply of Silicon Dioxide reinforcing agent level remains a problem, the current high level of silica dispersion reinforcement of our production can only meet a fraction of the environmental protection requirements of the tire manufacturers, not to mention the needs of the entire industry - global production of more than one billion tires annually. Recycling recycling economy, the impact on the environment arising from the enormous and far-reaching.

Here is an invention about Silicon Dioxide. The structural layers of the multilayer structure comprise a silicon dioxide outer layer on an underlying silicon nitride stop layer. Then, a chemical etchant protective layer is formed on a major surface of the multilayer structure having a predetermined pattern of openings, thereby exposing areas of the silicon dioxide outer layer corresponding to the predetermined pattern of openings. The exposed areas of the silicon dioxide outer layer are then etched down to the silicon nitride stop layer, at a high SiO2 etch rate and at a high level of selectivity of the SiO2 etch rate with respect to the Si3 N4 etch rate, with a fluorinated chemical etchant system.

The fluorinated chemical etchant system includes an etchant material and an additive material. The additive material comprises a fluorocarbon material in which the number of hydrogen atoms is equal to or greater than the number of fluorine atoms. The etching step forms a substantially predetermined etch pattern in the silicon dioxide outer layer in which the contact sidewalls of said Silicon Dioxide(SiO2) outer layer are substantially upright. More specifically, a process is provided for etching a multilayer structure to form a predetermined etched pattern therein. The subject process comprises providing the multilayer structure having a plurality of structural layers.



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