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Future consumption growth Silicon Dioxide mainly from growth in the tire industry demand, with the meridian tires, environmental protection and energy saving and comfort have become increasingly demanding, silica used in tires has become increasingly important. In recent years, precipitated silica has been widely used in snow tires, anti-skid tires and green tires. Expected future market demand silica at a faster pace.

Comparing the properties of these films with suboxides (SiO x , x<2) grown by plasma‐enhanced chemical vapor deposition, and compacted bulk Silicon Dioxide has lead us to conclude: (i) that filmsgrown at temperatures at or below 1000?°C are homogeneous stoichiometric oxides (SiO2); and (ii) that the systematic and correlated variations in the index of refraction and the IR frequency result from increases in the film density with decreasing growthtemperature. We present a microscopic model that accounts for (i) the increases in the density and the index of refraction; and (ii) the accompanying decrease in the IR stretching frequency in terms of a decrease in the Si–O–Si bond angle.

There are many invention patents related to Silicon Dioxide. That is, the present invention also relates to a method for depositing a conformal layer of silicon dioxide onto a substrate by exposing the substrate to a reactive species formed from ozone, oxygen, tetraethylorthosilicate, and a carrier gas within a vacuum chamber, using a total gas pressure within the chamber 10 torr to 200 torr and a substrate temperature within the range of about 200° C. to 500° C. Preferably, a substrate temperature of about 375° C. ±20° C. is used to obtain maximum deposition rates and the chamber pressure is about 40 torr to 120 torr.



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