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Surface treatment of Huicong Network News: Recently, led by China to develop international standards ISO18473-3 the function of pigment and extender pigment Part 3 : silicone rubber by gas phase silicon dioxide "national conference in Guangzhou held smoothly.

Here is another report: Zheng Wenqing, associate professor of The China Academy of Art, in 2002, in the industrial design of The China Academy of Art, in 2005 began to focus on the teaching of glass art and creative research.During the study period, Zheng Wenqing study is the industrial design. Then why is changed, because she wanted to "empty talk" into "Handmade". Coincides with the Academy set up a glass studio, coupled with the preference for the glass material. So, it has become a logical thing.

Glass is the main chemical compositions of silicon dioxide (extracted from the quartz) with combustion supporting agent soda ash, limestone, heating can be produced. It can be produced in a variety of shapes, and can be applied to any color. Especially the light through the glass, when all light, refraction mapping out, and let solid glass covered with a layer of the nothingness of the smart.

The invention  related to silicon dioxide: In still another aspect, the invention is directed to a method for isotropically etching a silicon dioxide surface comprising the step of exposing a silicon dioxide surface to a plasma formed from fluorinate gas such as NF3, CF4 and C2 F6 in a carrier gas in a chamber using a wafer temperature in the range of from about 200° C. to 500° C. Preferably, the chamber pressure is within the range of about 200 mT to 20 torr and 500 mT to 10 torr. The invention is also embodied in a method for planarizing a non-planar dielectric coating or composite within a vacuum chamber by depositing a conformal layer of silicon dioxide onto the coating by exposing the coating to a reactive species formed from ozone, oxygen, tetraethylorthosilicate and a carrier gas, the total chamber gas pressure being within the approximate range 10 torr to 200 torr and the substrate temperature being within the approximate range 200° C. to 500° C.



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