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As a non-toxic and good performance additives, Silicon Dioxide is widely used in rubber, textiles and paper additives and pesticides in food hygiene fire extinguishing materials. China Inorganic Salt Industry Association silicide branch of statistics: In 2014, China had more than 85 white carbon black production enterprises, total capacity of about 2.4 million tons, production of 1.74 million tons, apparent consumption of 1.125 million tons, production and sales global first. Rubber industry is the major consumer markets of silica, 74% silica in the field of consumer accounts for about silica consumption. In 2014, China's total consumption of rubber in the field of silica 510,000 tons. Among them, the footwear consumption of silica 530,000 tons, accounting for 47% of total consumption; tire market consumption 124,000 tons, accounting for 11% of total consumption; hose, tape, wire and cable, and other fields of consumer silica 180 000 tons, accounting for 16% of total consumption; consumption of white carbon textile, paper, pesticides, food additives and fire extinguishing materials and other non-rubber areas total about 29 million tons, accounting for 26% of total consumption. Because the field of rubber shoes, hose, tape, wire and cable industry has entered a mature stage of development, the limited space of silica demand growth. Other areas other than rubber, white carbon black dispersion and the absolute amount of less demand. Therefore, the next few years, white carbon market will be the most promising tire market.

A thermodynamic model to predict the activation energy of the solid solubility of these metals in Silicon Dioxide and an interstitial diffusion model, that includes both strain and electrostatic energies, which predicts the diffusion activation energy, have been developed. Diffusion coefficients are estimated from a closed form solution of the diffusion equation and the observed behavior of the metal in Silicon Dioxide.

Silicon Dioxide is an environmentally friendly, high performance additives, also be applied to toothpaste, pesticides, feed and food. With the capacity and technology continues to improve, the domestic production of precipitated silica product quality has been basically able to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. Future, white carbon industry development of large-scale re-focus is not new or expanded production facilities, but to further improve product quality, reduce production costs, develop some of the higher value-added products in order to reduce imports to meet domestic market demand, and You can enter the high-end market abroad.

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