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Silicon dioxide production requires attention to environmental protection. Recently, the entertainment out of two events shocked the world, the first thing is the new director for Stephen Chow's "Mermaid" Chinese cinema box office set a record, and towards the 3.5 billion yuan at the box office mark; second thing is rans Oscar 22 years of the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio finally with the "wild hunter" in the superb acting won the Oscar, dreams emperor.

Silicon dioxide is widely used, we should pay attention to environmental protection when we use it. The two pieces of entertainment shocked the world major events are linked to the common appeal to protect the planet's environmental theme. Movie "The Little Mermaid" shocking environmental pollution in the audience shot piercing the heart, director Stephen Chow called on people to protect the marine environment and carefully figure out the mermaid love story can be considered a well-intentioned, with Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie " wilderness hunter "when the Oscar-winning actor acceptance speech, said:" "the Waste Land hunter" tells the story of the relationship between man and nature, in the last 2015 years, the whole world is facing the most serious issue of global warming, climate change is real taking place, which for us humans is the most imminent danger, we should unite to stop the rupture, for the whole of humanity, for all the world's people, and thousands of future generations, for our children's children and those who dare to voice, but was drowned man. "like this environmentally friendly society is the theme of energy transfer movies of State and Government should give much encouragement.

Pharmaceutical production support of Silicon Dioxide, has many national-scale manufacturers. We know that the production process for pharmaceutical products on the environment cleanliness requirements are very strict, often already reacted cleaning equipment, and each production must be strictly cleaned before different products, which can not be cleaned wastewater direct discharge of wastewater must undergo a rigorous treatment before discharge standards.



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